About Us

Baseline 360

Baseline 360 is revolutionizing the roofing industry, combining industry expertise with cutting edge technology to deliver unbiased roofing inspection with impeccable precision and accuracy.

Two years ago, our owners—who have more than 20 years of experience in Oklahoma City’s residential and commercial roofing sectors—began to reimagine roofing inspections. In 2020, Baseline 360 became central Oklahoma’s premier independent aerial roofing assessment company using artificial intelligence, or AI. With comprehensive reports, fast results, and actionable insights on roof conditions, our drone-based inspections use AI to empower home and building owners, as well as real estate and insurance agents, to make informed, confident decisions about their property.

Why drone inspections

Traditional roof inspections are limited by contractor knowledge and building accessibility. Costs associated with the risk and time it takes to conduct a thorough inspection are often passed down to the home or building owner, and manual inspections of challenging roofs or tight spaces may miss critical signs.

There can also be no guarantee that inspectors from roofing companies needing to sell roofs remain impartial in their evaluation. The roofing industry is notorious for consumer fraud and insurance scams. Some opportunistic roofing companies will approach consumers recommending costly and unnecessary repairs or “zero-pay” insurance claims that can negatively impact individual insurance scores. All of this uncertainty makes critical roof inspections an expensive, stressful, and unpleasant experience most homeowners want to avoid.

Drone-based inspections virtually eliminate the risks, costs, and bias associated with traditional roofing assessments. Requiring only an operator, inspection drones use aerial and artificial intelligence to take hundreds of HD photos of your roof with precise measurements, while automatic damage detection technology allows the operator to zoom in on areas of current or potential concern for a more in-depth inspection. With less time, risk, and cost, drone inspections can deliver vast amounts of unbiased, empirical data that would be impossible from an in-person evaluation.

Reaching for the SKY

Following a complete scan, your property inspection data is then collected and securely stored for assessment and historical records. Our expert assessors thoroughly analyze the data provided and produce an objective baseline roof report that includes hundreds of notated photos, accurate measurements, and actionable recommendations for the condition and lifespan of your roof. Additional re-scans are conducted annually and after damaging weather events, then compared with your original baseline scan, to keep you well-informed of your roof’s status. Detailed and thorough, Baseline 360’s consistent reports provide the impartial evidence property owners need to avoid misleading roofing companies, determine whether or not a claim is warranted and assist in streamlining the claims process.

Baseline 360 is the roofing inspector you can trust, and we are committed to customer satisfaction. Our mission is to provide you with as much information and knowledge as possible so you can make the right decision for your property. To find out more information about our residential services, call us today at 405-992-0574 or email us at info@baseline-360.com.