Commercial maintenance

For property owners and managers, roof protection is asset protection. But you can’t make decisions about something you can’t see. Baseline 360’s innovative approach to roof inspection gives you the power to quickly and clearly evaluate the roof conditions of your entire portfolio, helping you take your business to the next level.

Routine roof inspections are one of the best ways to reduce risk, improve budget forecasting, and retain property value. By being proactive in the preventative care and maintenance of your property’s roof conditions, you can extend the life of your roof and save thousands of dollars in avoidable replacements, boosting your bottom line.

Baseline 360 uses artificial intelligence drone technology from XAP360 to create detailed, comprehensive condition reports that help you make informed, confident decisions about your property management. Our drones capture hundreds of HD photos from even the most challenging or inaccessible structures, and our automatic damage detection technology identifies areas of current or potential concern with unparalleled accuracy. Exact measurements and close-range photos allow our expert assessors to evaluate the condition of your roof with precision.

Our technology

Baseline 360 is a certified XAP360 provider. XAP360 automatically identifies existing or potential damage to your roof as well as any previous repairs or signs of wear.

XAP360 recognizes:

  • Granule loss
  • Hail hits
  • Previous repairs
  • Lost shingles
  • Flashing damage
  • Potential corrosion

Our aerial inspections can also identify potential areas of concern—such as fasteners that need caulking or debris that should be removed—so you can get ahead of the damage, avoid costly repairs, and extend the life of your roofs.

Our scans

  • Baseline scans. Baseline scans are comprehensive initial scans conducted on every property. These scans establish the original roof condition and serve as a comparison point for all subsequent scans.
  • Bi-annual scans. Bi-annual re-inspection scans are recommended for multi-family properties, HOAs, and apartments to identify any problems with the existing roofing and closely monitor the progression of wear for accurate valuations.
  • Post-storm scans. Baseline 360 monitors your properties 24/7. Following a hail or other damaging weather event, we perform a post-storm scan of your roof, which is overlaid on the baseline scan. This streamlines the claims process by allowing you and your insurance company to quickly and easily evaluate the pre-loss condition of the roof against the new damage.

Our reports

Informed business decisions start with empirical data. Baseline 360’s detailed and in-depth reports provide you with objective, real-time updates on the condition of your property so you can extend the life of the existing roofing, make more accurate risk assessments and budget forecasts, and reduce your loss adjustment expenses. They also allow you to value each property based on the oldest roof and preserve maintenance and management continuity.

Baseline 360 maintains a digital record of your property’s roof scans and reports as historical data, secure and accessible anytime you need it through an online account. From this account, you can request meticulous and unbiased reports for investor or client distribution and file or refile insurance claims quickly and seamlessly.

Baseline 360 is your new partner in preventative property maintenance. To find out more about our commercial services, or to schedule an aerial inspection and baseline scan, call our offices at 405-992-0574. You can also email us at