Residential maintenance

Most people don’t think about their roof until it’s too late. Proper, consistent roof maintenance helps retain the value of your home and can save you thousands of dollars in avoidable roof replacements. However, roof inspections can be daunting and expensive with unpleasant, unexpected surprises.

Baseline 360 is changing the way homeowners care for their roofs. Our aerial inspections provide detailed, comprehensive roof inspections at a fraction of the cost, risk, and time of traditional in-person evaluations, and without the bias of a sales pitch. Automatic damage detection technology and hundreds of HD photos from our state-of-the-art drone fleet collect visual evidence for assessing current roof conditions and monitoring changes from normal wear or damaging weather events. Then, all data is consolidated into accurate, unbiased reports that help homeowners make informed decisions about a roof before buying or selling a home or when assessing damage to an existing roof.

Our technology

Baseline 360 is a certified XAP360 provider. XAP360 uses artificial intelligence drone technology that automatically identifies and detects existing or potential damage to your roof as well as any previous repairs or signs of wear. Exact measurements and close-range photos allow our expert assessors to evaluate the condition of your roof with precision.

XAP360 recognizes:

  • Granule loss
  • Hail hits
  • Previous repairs
  • Lost shingles
  • Flashing damage
  • Potential corrosion

Our aerial inspections can also identify potential problem areas—such as debris that should be removed or fasteners that need caulking—so you can get ahead of the damage and extend the life of your roof.

Our reports

Baseline 360’s reports are a wealth of information about your roof, providing actionable insights on your roof’s condition and remaining lifespan, along with precise measurements and repair estimates. Our professional assessment staff is uniquely trained and experienced in evaluating, analyzing, and presenting the data our drones deliver in a clear, transparent method that is easy to understand.

After an initial scan and baseline report to establish the original roof condition, Baseline 360 customers are monitored 24/7 for weather events at their property. Following a hail or other damaging weather event, we re-scan your roof and provide an overlay of the new damage with the baseline scan. This complete report allows you—and your insurance assessor—to quickly and easily determine if repairs or an insurance claim are necessary.

Baseline 360 also securely stores all of your scans as historical records accessible any time you need them from your personal digital account. From this account, you can request detailed, objective reports and file or refile an insurance claim quickly and easily.

Take back control of your roofing decisions. To find out more information about our residential services, or to schedule an aerial inspection, give us a call at 405-992-0574. You can also email us at